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  4. Resources in space

    A UNIVERSE OF POTENTIAL Celestial bodies – including the Moon or near-earth objects (NEOs) such as asteroids – are naturally forming objects found beyond Earth’s atmosphere. Many planets, moons and asteroids contain a rich diversity of inert physical substances such

  5. Commercial uses

    COMMERCIAL SPACE EXPLORATION TODAY The space industry is undergoing an extraordinary evolution. As national budgets tighten, governments are increasingly seeking to involve the private sector in all aspects of space transportation and exploration, which private companies are keen to do

  6. Space resources in Luxembourg

    PIONEERS IN SPACE Mining resources and space travel are not Luxembourg’s first involvement in space. For more than 30 years, Luxembourg has been at the forefront of commercial and co-operative developments to promote the use of space in

  7. The Luxembourg Government has just adopted a draft law ensuring that private operators working in space can be confident about their rights to the resources they extract in outer space.

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